What is viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is when users on social media diffuse memes and posts, therefore, formulating a trend organically and quickly which ultimately benefits your brand or product.


It is an invincible marketing strategy that uses existing social networks to promote a product mainly on various social media.

Why Viral Marketing ?

1. Low Cost : What characterizes viral campaigns is that the users do a significant part of the work for the brand, which drastically cuts down the costs of distribution. It is unnecessary to buy advertising or media space.


2. Its potential to reach a lot of users: A viral video on the Internet has the ability to reach a huge international audience without having to invest a ton of money or make an extra effort. Due to this, a small company or even a private individual can go viral.

3. It is not invasive :In viral marketing, the social media user is the one making the decision to participate and share content, so it lessens the possibility of the brand coming across as invasive. Because of this, the perception of the brand and the interaction are significantly better, compared to more typical forms of advertising.


4. It helps build up your brand. If you really hit the bulls-eye in terms of creativity, you create content so incredible that users share it and develop a personal connection with your brand. It is without a doubt an extremely powerful tool when it comes to branding and awareness.

Types of Viral Marketing Campaigns

1. Emotional Campaigns

Viral campaigns which are inspiring and show positive vibes are more attractive to the users.

2. Incentivized Campaigns

Campaign which offers rewards to people who share a higher rate of getting attracted by the users.

3. Luck By Chance

The success of such campaigns is unpredictable. An ad may unpredictably resonate with your target audience.

4. Pass Along

Campaigns with well-planned strategies have higher possibilities of going viral.

5. Engineered

It is not just a random act as it is now an intentionally engineered campaign. Although some of the viral sensations have occurred randomly, their percentage is very low. It is now perfectly strategized so that it can lead to maximum impact.

6. Buzz viral marketing

Some buzz is created to grab the attention of the public. Controversial ads or messages are forwarded so that they can become a hot topic of conversation and spread easily as a viral.

Journey of Viral Marketing Campaign

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