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The use of influencer marketing

Finding the right advocates for businesses is essential in the digital era!

With more advertisements competing for their attention than ever before, consumers are today more selective with the brands they choose to trust. Influencers help brands get traction by serving as advocates who audiences trust and like.

It makes sense that firms would want to collaborate with one influencer or a group of influencers now that influencer marketing has gained more general acceptance. It is not, however, a universally applicable answer. Organizations should look for and interact with people who share their beliefs rather than chasing the names with the most likes.
Adoresome Media serves as a kind of online matchmaker, looking for the select few who best reflect your company via social intelligence and strategic thinking. By making connections and fostering them over time, we build better relationships that lead to better outcomes.


A more successful influencer marketing partner
Regardless of the size of their audience, smart marketers concentrate on establishing genuine connections with internet trendsetters. Search for businesses that:


  • Are not influenced by how many followers they have. You won’t necessarily receive a million just because someone has a million followers. Experienced teams know how to discover the appropriate individuals to promote your products, whether they are micro-influencers or real celebrities.


  • Recognize what influencers demand. Social media is a major source of revenue for many influencers. Regardless of how excited they are, customers need to understand how partnering with your brand benefits them. Partner with an agency that values working with influencers and will go above and above to help you.
  • Ensure the equilibrium of your brand. Successful influencer marketers don’t seek total creative control since influencers have already spent time developing relationships with their fans. On the other side, influencer marketers should consistently promote a collaboration that benefits the business and the creative.


Exactly what we do in terms of influencer marketing

We carefully examine your business, your target market, and the competitive environment while building solid relationships with significant individuals.




Starting with you

We must first comprehend your brand before we can find someone who represents it. In order to do this, a member of our team will meet with you to learn more about your company, your top business priorities, and the objectives you have for influencer marketing.


Audience Research

Taking in the crowd

Influencers serve as a bridge between your target audience and you. To whom would you want to converse? In order to identify the individuals you should be communicating with and the communication styles that will be effective with them, we integrate your audience insights with our own in-depth research.


Making a list of influencers

Who belongs to this group?

Our team starts by identifying influencers with whom your firm may partner using the data we have collected. It’s more than just a likes and followers competition; it has to do with cultural fit. We ask ourselves, “Does this person represent the values of our brand?” What characteristics characterize their intended market? Are they the people we want to find?

We are great admirers of micro-influencers since they have more authentic, smaller, and more engaged followings. But when our strategy calls for it, we can and do pursue bigger fish. Whatever course of action we take, we notify clients and give you the ultimate say so you are aware of who is advocating for your brand and what they believe in.



Making the connections

After potential influencers have been identified, our staff is in charge of the outreach process. To ensure a fruitful partnership, we keep in close contact with both you and the influencer. Throughout this process, we represent and work with your brand like a partner, managing the engagement to everyone’s advantage.


Deployment and Reporting

Keeping a results-driven attitude

Our team keeps track of engagement and conversion metrics after a campaign has gone live, providing them to our analytics team and using the data to improve subsequent efforts.


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