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The full potential of data


Data’s potential in its entirety

Data is really powerful. It helps businesses find possibilities and boost marketing effectiveness. It follows that it is no surprise that businesses are collecting more data than ever.
More data, however, does not always translate into insightful knowledge that can be put to use.
Data collection is a waste of time if you can’t distinguish between signal and noise and draw the conclusions that will assist you to increase marketing effectiveness.

Adoresome Media assists organizations in succeeding by integrating data with context to aid in decision-making. By collecting and presenting data, as well as bringing together cross-disciplinary marketing teams and data specialists, we provide the foundation for more informed strategic choices.

The steps involved in choosing a data analytics partner
Although it requires technical expertise, data analytics is more than just number crunching. A good companion should exhibit the following qualities:


  • A mindset focused on business. Tracking marketing performance is crucial, but the main objective is to improve the bottom line. A smart data analytics partner should always be looking for new methods to connect marketing operations with corporate goals.


  • Effective teamwork. Even the sharpest analysts may miss important trends if they lack specialized knowledge since numbers don’t always speak for themselves. Collaboration should be encouraged when interpreting data.


  • Clarity in communication. It is meaningless if no one provides a shrewd analysis. Your data analytics team should regularly aid you in making sense of what they are learning by lucidly articulating their findings.


The Data Analytics Process We Use

Any effective marketing effort depends on data, which also serves as the standard by which success is judged. Therefore, data gathering, analysis, and reporting are required as part of any marketing agreement with Adoresome.



Establishing Analytics

Connecting the data

To maximize its potential, we compile and aggregate all available data. We ensure that website analytics are set up properly and that the pertinent conversions and goals are being monitored.
In addition to your website, we often gather and display data using a range of tools, from Meltwater for social listening to SEMRush for search performance. Additionally, information from ad networks like Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager is provided.


Framework for Reporting and Data Visualization

Only by physically seeing is it possible to believe.

Together, we choose KPIs to measure progress toward your predetermined goals and objectives, and we make sure we’re set up to do so. We frequently develop a marketing dashboard using software like Power BI, Google Data Studio, or Tableau to make it simpler to monitor results.
Visualization combines data streams from throughout your organization into a single, expansive visual, which might be revolutionary. When we can include operational information from your organization and start developing more profound connections between marketing activities and corporate goals, it becomes much more effective.


Iteration + Reporting

Making a wise recommendation

We regularly, generally monthly, report to you on the success of your marketing as well as the insights and trends we’ve found.
Collaboration across disciplines is crucial for learning. Copywriters and paid media specialists usually have beliefs as to why some audiences or messages succeed better than others. By evaluating these hypotheses, we can intelligently iterate, leading to marketing that performs better.

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