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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Spreading the word about your brand

Google receives roughly 3.5 billion queries per day. With users seldom scrolling past the first page, we use search engine marketing to propel your brand to the top of Page One and into consumers’ minds.
Based on our keyword research and audience information, we create highly targeted ads that position your business, offer better visibility, and communicate the details, calls-to-action, and language that inspires people to click.


Using social media to advertise

Making friends and having an impact on others

Social media is still the most efficient paid advertising channel thanks to its advanced targeting options, variety of creative formats, and ability to have a significant impact on a small budget. Our team has a wealth of expertise in designing, maintaining, and improving cutting-edge social campaigns across all significant social media platforms.



Retargeting, programmatic advertising, and display advertising

Having a long-lasting impact

Display and retargeting let you stay in front of your target market and benefit from the wide distribution of the most read websites. Depending on our strategy, we can develop and improve ad buys on the Google Display Network and other networks, place direct buys on niche websites where your target audiences are present, and work with programmatic partners to give experiences that are even more precisely targeted.



Ads from YouTube in the Stream

Enhancing brand encounters to be more immersive

Are you prepared to make a bigger impact on your intended audience? Our creative team specializes in producing entertaining and educational YouTube advertisements in a number of formats.



Measuring and Reporting

Because data is a never-ending task

To establish benchmarks and evaluate success against campaign goals, we regularly measure KPIs. When ads aren’t working, we identify problem areas and make the necessary adjustments.
We report successes on a weekly or monthly basis and suggest ways to enhance campaign performance, enabling us to move money to channels with greater performance and broaden our advertising reach.


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