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Graphic design & identity

Creating memorable logos


More logos are presented to consumers than ever before, yet only a small portion of them are retained in memory. Great logos stand for something; they capture the essence of the business, tell a unique tale, and aggressively convey principles.
Although most businesses are aware of their beliefs, it may be challenging to represent them in a symbol. Furthermore, we know from years of experience starting businesses that distinctive logos don't just happen.
At Adoresome Media, our logo design process is driven by in-depth research and a solid plan. Together with clients, our designers create a distinctive logo that your audience will rally around and proudly display.





Storytelling technique

For clever businesses, a logo is a terrific narrative tool. The popularity of today’s well-known brand logos is founded on their ability to be quickly associated with particular events, emotions, and attitudes. But they don’t start off like that. They have to work hard to earn that spot in the customer’s mind.
In order to establish this connection with an audience, your brand must take the time to research and pay attention. This approach prompts crucial inquiries about your existing brand and the brand you hope to have in one, five, or ten years.
A successful brand narrative should cause ripples, but if there is no scientific evidence to support it, success is purely coincidental. As a consequence, we always start our logo design process with research.




How do we produce designs that stand out?

A company’s watershed event is the development of a new design. We take on the task with clear aims and a strong hand. Our strategy is informed by research, iterative by design, and years of expertise building brands in almost every sector.




Taking control of your perspective
The customer serves as the foundation for our process. The development of a visual that symbolizes (or significantly improves) corporate identity necessitates open discussions about the state of the company. We inquire about identity and aspirations, competitive whitespace, and internal and external brand perception as we move on with research, brainstorming, and logo development.



Constructing the foundation
Our approach to logo design is built on study and research. By observing trends, investigating competitors, and identifying intriguing target audiences, we give context to our initial ideas. This creates a strategic framework for the remaining portions of the project and validates our understanding of the client’s vision, the brand identity, the customer’s emotions, and other elements.



Creating a foundation
Using the themes we’ve discovered from our research, our team has been able to compile a range of materials for design and logo concepts. This is our chance to learn what, from mood boards to competitor data, resonates (and doesn’t) with brand stakeholders.



Creating a brand’s foundation
Our designers and strategists collaborate to respond to suggestions, ideas, and insights from clients. At this point, we turn our corpus of study into logo concepts, which is thrilling for both of us.



Understanding a winning design
Client access to the logo design process is always permitted. We use an iterative approach to the approval procedure, presenting proposals to key players, getting their input, and making adjustments until all the requirements are met. From black and white designs through color mockups to finalization, the process is driven by your comments.



Able to adapt to the digital age
From app icons to push notifications, modern businesses rely heavily on their logos to communicate their message. After a logo design has been approved, our team is prepared to identify key use cases and provide creative materials to fit a range of digital settings, ensuring visual identity is uniform throughout.

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