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Digital PR

Digital PR

For a changing media landscape, PR is

Great public relations understands how to cut through the noise and cultivate brand loyalty. The old approaches aren’t always effective in a busy and frequently cynical digital age.

PR is still story-driven today, but storytelling is continuously developing to keep up with shifting moods and new developments. Success offers visibility and interaction, but those who fall short of audience expectations risk becoming lost in the shuffle.

Adorsome Media team addresses digital PR with a strong awareness of the internet ecosystem and a sharp eye for consumer behavior, as digital natives and natural storytellers. To create PR that truly works, we combine unique research, a focus on results, and a passion for creative, viral content.

Finding trustworthy storytellers

It’s difficult to take your narrative back once it’s been published. Make sure you’re comfortable with the team delivering your story, and that you’re looking for the following signs of a good Digital PR firm

Always adaptable

Your tale can be interpreted through a variety of lenses, ranging from politics to pop culture. Smart agencies keep their eyes on the horizon so they can pivot at any time.


If you want your PR efforts to stand out, you need to know who your target audience is. Agencies conducting research and putting what they learn into practice have a better chance of bringing your brand to the forefront.

Measurement is a priority

Although engagement, shares, and views do not always tell the whole picture, your organisation should be concerned with developing and growing useful metrics.

How do we handle digital public relations?

PR success necessitates planning. Our strategy begins with research,
thrives on innovation, and is self reflective at all times

1. Discovery

Getting informed and on the same page

We start with a kickoff that introduces our team to your brand and organizes stakeholders around common goals and objectives. We’d want to gain a feel of who your brand is and how the general public views it, as well as any differences between the two.

2. Social Listening + Landscape Analysis

Listening with one's ear to the earth

Our team investigates industry trends, competitive positioning, and important previous accomplishments. We utilise Meltwater, a social listening platform, to follow brand-relevant conversations on social media and assess brand perception.

3. Creating a Media List

Putting Together a Media List

We can carefully plan your path into the spotlight after we have a clear view of the market you’re in. This begins with the compilation of a media list, which includes conventional and digital media reporters, bloggers, podcasters, and influencers who could be interested in your brand’s narrative. The media list is a live document that will grow as we discover new channels and possibilities.

4. Capacity Building + Content Creation

Connecting the dots

Building and keeping relationships is an important aspect of public relations. Our team approaches this problem by using current and new relationships to create bridges between your brand and your ideal partners.

Whether your story is shared through an influencer, a press mention, or a monthly column, our team collaborates with yours to create engaging content. Our copywriters, designers, and creative strategists can handle the entire process, from concept to creation to deployment of creative assets for earned media amplifyment. 

5. Reporting + Surveying

Taking Measures

We’ll continue to monitor, learn, and enhance your tale after it’s out in the world. Every PR activity influences the next in our approach, ensuring that your business is constantly putting its best foot forward.

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