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Application Development

Even simple programs need a lot of work.

Apps have fueled disruption by creating new industries and transforming existing ones. In the process, they have simplified organizational difficulties that at first glance appear to be difficult, like curating vast amounts of content or providing on-demand transportation.
In reality, even the most “basic” apps have a sound technological foundation and well-written code to guarantee a positive user experience.
Whether you want to create exceptional user experiences, optimize operations, or gain a competitive advantage, Adorsome Media has the mobile app development expertise to help you reach your goals. By fusing our technological know-how and strategic insights, we provide immersive experiences that promote the growth of companies.

When it comes to creating an app, even the biggest businesses face several obstacles. Before choosing a partner to help you, consider the following:


  • Maintain open channels of communication. Some chores can only be completed via an app. But responsive website design has come a long way and can now accommodate a variety of mobile use cases. Your agency should determine if you genuinely need an app before you begin development on it.


  • An adaptable approach. There are two factors that make agile crucial. Customers demand applications be regularly updated and enhanced, to start. Second, you’ll almost surely miss the deadline if you build every feature and variation at once.
  • Knowledge in project management. An app’s development involves both technological and managerial challenges.


Our Approach to Developing Apps

Adoresome’s method is flexible, tried, and true, and because of its extensive experience, it can be used to construct any form of the mobile app.



Technical Analysis

Examining the app’s technical requirements

To make sure the necessary technology is in place, we must first determine what you want your app to accomplish and where it will obtain its data. If we’re creating your app, technical discovery takes place during the planning phase of the project.



Making preparations for success

If the app needs to read and publish data, we prepare for both the app’s functions and data integrations. If we’re building the app, we work together with our user interface designers and information architects to ensure that the development process is as seamless as feasible.

For both iOS and Android app development, we follow a methodical process. Depending on your demands and requirements, we may create a single program, modify it for each operating system, or build it independently.


Both front-end and back-end code

Developing a web product

We prefer to work in Agile sprints to get to an MVP, or a Minimum Viable Product, which includes the key features your audience will use and love (Scrum methodology).
A technical Project Manager is in charge of this phase, and they work along with an Account Director to make sure your project is completed effectively and on schedule.


Release plus QA

Removing any leftover insects

As development advances, QA is already in progress. At this point, we do our utmost to uncover flaws in the lovely program we just created and make sure it works properly. Now that that work is done, it’s ready to launch.


Upkeep, revision, and promotion

The MVP is changing and getting more attention.

An app should be continuously tested, improved upon, and iterated depending on user feedback, just like any other digital product. As a result, you should always be working to evaluate and improve your customers’ experience.

Apps must be advertised in order to reach their target audience because they are inherently less discoverable than experiences on the open web. Planning ahead is important when it comes to app promotion, and as a full-service company, we can assist you with that.



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