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Create memes instead of commercials

Memes are good material; advertisements break up good content!



Why does your brand need meme marketing?

Today, the meme culture has developed into an internet language.

Today, almost all information is disseminated via memes, including news, politics, entertainment, trolling, exchanging opinions, related material, and more!

We provide businesses with this cutting-edge technology to launch their brand narratives in response to this transition, which creates a significant attention area for them to tap into.
And what’s the finest thing about all of this, do you know? Memes are consumed like donuts on social media by everyone!

Meme marketing: What Is It?

Meme marketing is the practice of encoding a brand’s story into a meme, then disseminating it through the Indian meme community.

So, in essence, you easily present your brand narrative to the designated target demographic while also providing them with some humour and relatability.

Instead of making them squirm at the standard “AD”-style material.

Indian target audience and meme marketing?

Meme Community is a collection of meme experts who produce/curate memes in various formats.
Meme Influencers, who upload random memes that are amusing enough to be chosen by Meme Pages with a million or more followers, are one type of member of this community.
In a nutshell, this neighbourhood is where people get their memes from.


The Development of a Meme Marketing Campaign

  • Analysing brand identity
    Understanding the brand’s objective, feel, and ear market.
  • How to Get the Content leg
    Generating pertinent online discussions that we may relate to the brand or campaign story.
  • Generation of content
    Developing material that perfectly combines campaign storyline with current online discussions.
  • Delivery of the content
    The developed content is then carefully spread via Meme Communities.
  • Enhancement of the campaign
    Removing ineffective elements and enhancing effective ones.

Impact analysis and Communication
– Evaluating a campaign’s effectiveness by seeing how people respond and comparing it to its target audience.


What kind of support can we give to your brand?

  1. Producing memes for your brand
    Brand handles have a difficult time competing with producers for users’ attention since content providers produce an exponential volume of material every day.With the help of our in-depth Internet cultural Insights, we empower companies to close this gap by giving their brand handles a fresh new look.
  2. Meme Marketing Initiatives

To magnify their brand story, brands frequently continue with traditional digital techniques like influencer marketing, TV commercials, running social media advertisements, etc.

Given how prevalent memes are on social media, we empower companies with the tools they need to use meme marketing to boost their campaign story.

  1. Never-ending Meme Strategy

Although brands employ every available strategy to attract attention, they struggle to remain current over the whole year.

What better way to maintain your brand’s relevance online than to ride the annual meme wave.

  1. Video Marketing
    Even if a film, television show, or web series is really professionally made, it can be difficult to maintain an organic buzz on social media in the modern day.

However, when the meme community starts to notice that. The true traction develops there!

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